Why Are These Benefits Of Self Hypnosis Neglected?

The benefits of self hypnosis are virtually endless. Each individual is unique and responds differently under hypnosis. Therefore, the benefits of self hypnosis reaped by an individual may vary. It also depends upon what results you want to achieve from hypnosis and how far do you want to go.

Over the years I have made use of self hypnosis to enhance my memory, lose weight, achieve goals and build self confidence.

I would like to point out that self hypnosis is not a magic pill. The changes you are expecting won’t happen overnight. But, it surely does make change easy and enjoyable. It is like a supporting tool to help you make desired changes in your life.

In sports, a coach helps you to improve your game. But, if you don’t put in the effort and practice, even the best coach in the world can’t help you. At the end, you have to make it a point to work at your game to be a better athlete. You have to form certain habits and develop certain attitudes in order to become a better sportsperson.

In the same manner, all self hypnosis does is it guides you to form certain beliefs, attitudes, habits and behaviors that will cause effective changes at a subconscious level. Which further will lead to the desired results you want to achieve.

Development and formation of supportive beliefs and behaviors that will lead to desired changes are the most fundamental benefits of self hypnosis.

Let’s then look at the core benefits of self hypnosis:

Relaxation and Stress Management

Whether you believe self hypnosis works or doesn’t work for you. You will surely enjoy being relaxed when you are under trance. If there is any tangible benefit you can derive from hypnosis, it is relaxation. When you are under hypnosis, your mind and body are completely relaxed. Relaxation in itself is very beneficial to prevent stress related illnesses we face in today’s world.

When you are relaxed under hypnosis

– your heart begins to rest and slows down to its natural rhythm.

– blood pressure decreases.

– there is sufficient supply of blood to all you muscles and organs.

– breathing slows down reducing your need for oxygen.

All of the above later leads to effective stress and anxiety management, improved creativity, a sense of calm and better focus. The brain also causes a release of endorphins in your body which leads to a sense of well being and happiness.


In most cases, depression is a learnt behaviour. There are only a minority of people whose genetic make up might make them an easy prey of depression. You can catch cold and flu but you don’t catch depression. It takes effort on your part to get depressed. You must think depressive thoughts consistently to feel depressed. People suffering from depression talk depressed, act depressed and behave in ways which will support their depression.

Research has concluded that constant depressive thoughts and behaviours leads to certain changes in the nervous system of the brain. This, later, leads to physical symptoms like headaches, body aches and ulcers. In extreme cases of chronic depression, it may even lead to suicidal tendencies and mental disorders.

One of the benefits of self hypnosis is that it helps you to unlearn thought patterns and habits that lead to depression and keep it off. It helps you to change your outlook in life from feeling depressive to feeling impressive.

Habits Formation

Habits are learnt behaviours. You as a human being are a creature of habit. Majority of your life is run by the habits you have formed. Habits let you carry on with your life with the least amount of conscious effort on your brain’s part.

Just imagine if you had no habits and everything you did was new to you. You would end up exhausting a lot of your mental and physical energy consciously performing everyday tasks. This would be time consuming and exhausting.

For eg. Driving to work. How would you negotiate traffic if everyday was like the first day when you started to learn driving?

Habit formation is a very crucial benefit of self hypnosis. With the use of self hypnosis you can learn good habits and unlearn bad ones.

Smoking, nail biting, bed wetting, eating disorders are among the common bad habits that can be overcome with self hypnosis.

Phobias and Fears

The brain cannot distinguish between real events or imagined ones. A phobia or a fear is an irrational imagined threat to oneself. All fears are embedded inside the amygdala in the brain. As infants you are born with only two types of fear. Namely, they are fear of heights and fear of loud noise. All other types of fears are learnt as you grow older. They are nothing but your brain’s response to protect you. Behind all fears there is a positive intent of your brain to protect and safeguard you.

Eradicating irrational fears and learning to effectively deal with phobias are one of the most sought after benefits of self hypnosis.

Overcoming Addictions

Another benefit of self hypnosis is overcoming addictions. Although, self hypnosis in itself isn’t enough to overcome addictions. In conjunction with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), addictions are said to have been overcome with ease and kept off permanently.

Addictions are dependence on external stimuli, substance or a practice which cannot be stopped with one’s choice. This is also the difference between habits and addictions. Unlike habits you cannot control addictions unless you take proper professional help.

Common forms of addictions include alcoholism, drugs, gambling, sex, smoking etc.

Performance Enhancement

Your success or failure mostly depends upon the beliefs you form in your mind. To improve your chances of success in whatever field you choose, you must have strong supporting beliefs.

Whether you want to improve your game, be a better salesperson, better athlete, better speaker, lose or gain weight or anything that you want to improve on. You have to first start off with a belief that it is possible and you can achieve it. But, most of the time, it is not as easy as it sounds. Due to past conditioning, disappointments, unfavourable environment and unpleasant experiences in life we set limitations around what we are capable of and what we are not. Mostly, these limitations are set by our inner critic or conscious mind. In self hypnosis, you straight away bypass the conscious mind and deal with that part of your subconscious mind which is capable of making our goals come true.

With self hypnosis you can overcome these psychological limitations or self sabotages and go full out and achieve those goals.

The above six are the core benefits of self hypnosis. There are many more benefits of self hypnosis but they are more or less connected to the above benefits. If I have to sum up all of the six benefits into one I would say that the main purpose of all hypnosis is self improvement. Time spent on self improvement leads to a greater sense of well being and happiness.

Building Self Confidence With Self Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is quite widely used to assist people in overcoming addictions. It is not something that can be used for all types of addictions and it may not always be successful for everyone, but many have found it to be very useful in assisting them to beat their addictions. Self hypnosis is most useful for addictions that do not involve withdrawals and that are not deeply rooted.

One very common use of self hypnosis is to assist with changing a person’s mindset and for self improvement. It can be very useful in helping with anger issues, self worth issues and self confidence.

Self hypnosis is also very useful to assist people that want to increase their learning ability, improve their memory and improve their concentration skills. Students can find self hypnosis very valuable to help them excel academically by improving memory and concentration skills. Relieving pain is another use of self hypnosis and is often used after a medical procedure or for chronic pain.

Self hypnosis has also been used by some people to quick smoking although it has varied results with some people giving up smoking after just one session, while others haven’t given up at all. It is believed that the individual’s personality and response will determine the effectiveness of self hypnosis. Some people are much easier to hypnotize than others.

Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years and it’s only in more recent times that it is being used more widely to treat pain, addictions and to make improvements in one’s self.

Some people don’t believe that hypnosis is safe and some churches believe that it opens up the mind to the devil. Self hypnosis is actually quite safe because you are ultimately in control of your own mind. Self hypnosis gives you the control over your own mind, as opposed to hypnosis by a hypnotherapist when you are handing over control.

When using self hypnosis it usually has a slower response than when using a qualified hypnotherapist. It may take a while before you really notice any changes and you may need to work a bit harder at the process.

One criticism that hypnosis has had is that instead of a patient changing their behavior, they are actually allowing someone to manipulate their behavior. When using self hypnosis you are actually changing your own behavior as you alone are putting in the effort.

Before starting any self hypnosis session you need to get instructions from a professional hypnotist, you shouldn’t just jump straight in on your own. They can answer any questions that you have and guide you through your sessions. So even with self hypnosis there is still some professional involvement as they will be monitoring your progress.

It is still not known what is more effective – professionally administered hypnosis or self hypnosis. It will also vary from person to person as to how well they respond to the sessions. Just the fact that with self hypnosis you have complete control over yourself makes it a very popular choice.

Using self hypnosis to improve your self confidence will help you to have a happier, confidence outlook on life. You can get rid of the negative thoughts and stress that are holding you back and proceed with life with confidence.

You can get self hypnosis programs on MP3 that can be purchased online and downloaded instantly so you can start your self hypnosis sessions today.