Discovering the Secrets of Self Hypnosis

Sometimes, it seems as if you cannot solve a problem. You try and try repeatedly to lose weight or stop smoking. You may succeed for a little bit but always the cravings return. Soon you find yourself back smoking or overeating. You feel discouraged and are beginning to think nothing can help you change.

You are wrong. When the traditional fail, self hypnosis will prevail. It will help you help yourself. It allows you to truly take control of your life and live it the way it should be.

Self Hypnosis – What it is and What it is not

Self hypnosis is not magic. It is not mumbo jumbo, or hocus pocus. It is also not stage hypnosis. Stage hypnosis requires an “other.” You are the “other” in self hypnosis. Stage hypnosis requires a performance space and an audience. Self hypnosis is done by you at home in quiet and solitude in a secure setting.

Yet the major difference between the 2 types of hypnosis is purpose. While the techniques may be the same – although stage hypnosis may rely on misdirection, illusion and deceit, the purpose is the same. Stage hypnosis is pure entertainment. It is also a display of the showmanship of the individual hypnotist or magician. Self hypnosis, on the other hand, is all about you. It is about helping you obtain a personal goal, of helping you take control of and responsibility of your own life and future.

How does it Help You?

The purpose of self hypnosis is to help you retrain your subconscious mind to accept your goals and dreams. In doing so, you release the shackles of what is trapped within the subconscious. It frees you from the inner sabotage, allowing you to pursue your goals. This could be to stop smoking or overeating. It could be a desire to improve your self-image or to end your procrastinating ways.

Self hypnosis, through visualization and repeated suggestions gives you access to the subconscious. In doing so, it guides you in retraining it, slowly, suggesting positive changes that will ultimately become part of your ever day life. Through sifting through the subconscious and altering its opinion, you gradually gain control of various unwanted aspects of your life. You remove what has been preventing you from moving on, replacing it with positive and active concepts and goals. You replace the old reality with a new, improved and desired one. You take control of your life as you want to live it.

The process does require time, energy and commitment to your stated goals. It means you need to work on a regular basis towards these goals. Self hypnosis is a tool. It is a guide. It helps you find the problem and provides you with the means to solve it. It does not do the work for you. While relatively easy to learn, it is nevertheless your responsibility to apply it effectively and regularly.

The Advantages of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a simple and effective means of achieving a goal. It is possible through self hypnosis to simply learn to relax, reduce stress, diet properly or to become a nonsmoker. It is true you can see a hypnotherapist to achieve these results. In fact, some experts recommend you do so at least once. This helps you with discovering your own technique to reach the required mental state. Yet, self hypnosis offers all the benefits of hypnotherapy. It also has several advantages over this method and many other traditional forms of treating your problem. Among them you can list the following:No use of chemicals, or any form of medication prescribed by a doctor or over the counter drugs

No expensive “cures.” Self hypnosis requires at most, the purchase of a couple of self-help books and several audio-visual aids such as tapes or downloads for your iPod or MP3 player.
You do not have to worry about making, breaking or arriving late at appointments
You can stay in the comfort, safety and warmth of your own apartment or house
You do not have to fit it into someone’s schedule. You do it according to your own timeframe. This allows you to take it easy and to make a session short or long as necessary
Overtime, as you develop your technique, you can make self hypnosis portable. You can take it with you on vacation or to the office if need be

There are other advantages to using self hypnosis. You will uncover and use them as you move along this new voyage of self discovery – as you employ self hypnosis to move confidently into your new life.

How to Use Self Hypnosis to Achieve Your Goals

Self hypnosis can be used to change a great many things in your life. You can use self hypnosis to remove negative emotions associated with bad memories. You can use self hypnosis to remove negative beliefs and create new ones and you can also use self hypnosis to achieve goals!So, if self hypnosis is so powerful how come some people don’t get results from it?

Well the simple answer is that they aren’t using self hypnosis correctly!

In order to get the most from any self hypnosis session you have to know why you are using it. You must have an intention prior to trying self hypnosis or the only thing you will gain from it is deep relaxation. Set a self hypnosis goal!

This self hypnosis goal should be concise and precise. By writing down your statement of intent you solidify the idea of what you want in your mind and give your subconscious mind something to work towards. You create a self hypnosis goal!

Ensure you don’t include what you don’t want in any self hypnosis program. Make your self hypnosis goal positive and success-affirming. For example saying something like “I am no longer overweight” or “I no longer have unpaid bills” is not how you should word your self hypnosis goal. When you focus on not being overweight your mind creates a picture of being overweight. When you think of having no unpaid bills you must first think of unpaid bills. This is true of anything in life but it becomes extremely important in self hypnosis!

The mind works with images! To illustrate this point I would like you to think of your kitchen. Where is the cooker? Do you have a refrigerator? What colour is it? Does the door open to the left or the right?

Can you see that to answer these questions you must call up a visual memory of your home?

Therefore you must create a written statement that only includes the things you want to have and it must not concentrate, in anyway, on the things you no longer wish to experience. Examples of using the positive statements would be “I achieve my ideal weight with ease” rather than “I am no longer overweight”.

By following this advice you ensure that the only picture your mind forms are positive. During self hypnosis, when you recall these pictures, you are instructing your subconscious mind to help you create them.

Now that you have your written statement that outlines what you want from your self hypnosis sessions you can get more specific. By creating a specific, detailed, image of what you want you can re-program your mind using it during a self hypnosis session.

Now, read the statement you created and become aware of the pictures you are seeing in your mind. Make them larger, brighter and more emotional. Alter the mental scene until it becomes exactly as you would want it to be in reality. Keep changing it until it makes you feel really great.

The written statement and mental picture along with the positive emotions becomes your blueprint for success that you will program into your mind during self hypnosis.

There are a multitude of great self hypnosis recordings available for specific needs (and also a multitude of bad ones) and once you have your intention it should be fairly easy to find one to suit your needs. However, should you chose to try self hypnosis without the aid of a recording you can follow the self hypnosis script below. Just keep practising your self hypnosis everyday until you reach your goal.

Self Hypnosis Script:

Before you begin your self hypnosis session position yourself comfortably, either sitting or lying down. Make sure you will not be disturbed.

To start the self hypnosis session look at a spot on the wall or ceiling that is just above eye level. Make sure you keep your head straight so the you have to lift your eyes so it.

Now tense your toes for several seconds and then release the tension allowing them to relax. This lets you notice the difference between tension and relaxation. Next tense you lower legs and release, then your upper legs and release. Do this for all the muscle groups of your body until you have even relaxed your face and scalp.

After only a few moments, due to the strain on your eyes, they will begin to feel tired and you can close them. This is a part of the self hypnosis induction. In your mind count down from ten to one while you take deep breathes. Then imagine that there is a steep staircase in front of you and walk down them into the darkness. Now count down from five to one.

Now imagine there is a winding staircase in front of you with 10 steps. Walk down the staircase while breathing deeply. By this stage you are in a state of trance and your self hypnosis is well underway.

While in this state of self hypnosis you are going to program your subconscious mind. Bring to mind the mental picture you created earlier. See it in all its detail with you in it. Now run the image like a movie and see yourself interacting in that scene. Once you begin to feel positive emotions step into the movie. Walk right into the imagined you and take over their role. How does that feel to be living that image?

Allow yourself to stay in the mental movie for as long as it feel s comfortable. Once you are ready to leave the state of self hypnosis simply count up from one to ten. Start to become aware of the room around you and any sounds that may be apparent. Then open your eyes. Your self hypnosis is complete.

Ensure you take the time each time to perform your self hypnosis. Do this for a month and you are guaranteed to manifest your mental picture!