Self Hypnosis – The Best Tool For Positive Change

Put simply, self hypnosis is hypnosis that is self induced. This does not include listening to self hypnosis tapes or CDs – they still count as being hypnotised.

Self hypnosis is perfectly safe, very relaxing and can be incredibly empowering. It can rejuvenate you mentally and physically and help you to keep a positive frame of mind. It can help you focus, find solutions to problems and boost your self esteem. Hypnosis for self improvement is becoming increasingly popular.

Allowing yourself to go into a trance state, or instructing or guiding yourself into a trance state is self hypnosis.

In actual fact, all hypnosis is self hypnosis as it is impossible to make anyone go into a trance state unless you have decided that you want to. An experienced hypnotherapist, for example, will be very good at guiding you into a trance state, however it is still you that decides to go there.

There are many different self hypnosis techniques and self hypnosis methods for bringing your mind into a trance, and self hypnosis instruction books or guides are getting more and more popular.

The ideal way to get good self hypnosis instruction is to learn directly from a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist.

However here I will give you some simple self hypnosis instructions that any one can try at home. And with a proper guide, anyone can learn how to do all kinds of self hypnosis for positive self change.

And remember, although there are different levels of hypnosis ranging from light trance to deep hypnosis, hypnosis therapy can work at any of these levels.

Positive changes hypnosis is all about getting into a different frame of mind in order to increase your options and find new ways to solve problems.

Remember – self hypnosis is only limited by your imagination!

As I mentioned before, there is really no substitute for getting good self hypnosis instruction from a properly qualified hypnotherapist or hypnotist.

However, if you are looking for some simple self hypnosis instruction read on…

1. Create your goal in a short affirmation sentence.

This must be positive, personal, possible and in the present tense. So for example you might want hypnosis for self improvement – say feeling more confident about giving a speech. Your goal might be something like:

‘I am pleased that I can deliver my speech clearly and confidently.’

A good tip is to start your affirmation with gratitude, so for example:

‘I am grateful to have this opportunity to speak clearly and confidently about…’

Play around with your words, state your goal in a way that means something to you.

2. Relax!

Some people find that one of the best ways to relax is remembering a particularly relaxing time, for example on holiday, really works. If you do this really see what you can see, hear what you can hear and build up your lovely relaxing experience.

Another simple self hypnosis instruction is to count backwards from 100 – 1, focusing on each number and bringing your mind back to it whenever it wanders.

Or you could focus your eyes on a point slightly above eye level and breathe deeply while saying ‘relax’ to yourself with every out breath.

Continue letting yourself relax, physically and mentally. You can even use a combination of the above techniques. Find easy ways to relax that work for you.

3. Repeat your affirmation or goal to yourself.

Do this, out loud. Really imagine the words are true, feel how it would feel if those words were true right here, right now.

4. And come back to the room…

When you have finished repeating your affirmation a number of times, just let yourself become aware of the room again, the noises you can hear, the feel of the chair or sofa.

And start to count down from 10 – 1 and open your eyes and you will feel positive, refreshed and ready for the rest of the day ahead!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini self hypnosis guide and will find the self hypnosis techniques useful.